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OMG Anthony Misiano looks like Flynn Rider!
No wonder Harley’s Joker looks hot! 

OMG Anthony Misiano looks like Flynn Rider!

No wonder Harley’s Joker looks hot! 


Anthony Misiano, the best Joker cosplayer, in my opinion.

We agree too! 

Friendly reminder that Anthony Misiano (Harley’s Joker) has an Imdb page!! 


sarabead: hi the joker how are u hun I love u hun sara harris

Hi! I’m not Anthony Misiano, but be sure to send him a message from his official facebook page. He usually replies! 

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Anthony Misiano as The Joker

From the official Harley’s Joker facebook page regarding his cosplay make-up (old post is old but very helpful):

Anthony Misiano (August 21, 2012)

Okay, time for a write up. I’m posting this on a Tuesday evening because it’s actually Facebooks slowest time and this is not for the faint of long-winded-ness nor the casual visitor. I receive a lot of messages from people asking me about makeup: tips, tricks, opinions, etc. So I felt I’d share some of my thoughts on the matter.

I want to make it clear, the following statements are just MY OPINION, I am not any sort of certified expert of any kind, I am simply sharing a little bit of what I’ve learned from my own experiences.

So, a prologue: I started playing with makeup about the same time I started drawing, around the age of two. I’m told I would take lipsticks and things out of my mother’s makeup bag and scribble everywhere with them – at this point she put a pencil in my hand, set paper in front of me and said “here!”. I since always fiddled with both. I started doing all of my own Halloween makeup at about the age of seven, and as adulthood approached and continued onward I Hollow’s Eve’d up the faces of friends, family, and created and applied character makeup for a few short independent film projects, both my own as well as others.

I can do traditional beauty makeup, but I always have so much more fun creating characters, and that’s what everyone asks me about, so that’s what I’ll discuss. Firstly, some basics. If you have a large area of skin (let’s say your face) covered predominantly in one color, find the right TYPE of makeup. This can be achieved usually with either an oil based (creme), water based (“cake”), or alcohol based makeup. Some strengths and weaknesses of each: Cremes have strong colors, are very opaque, and blend with one another VERY well, the downside is they can rub off easily, can look streaky when sponged onto oily skin, it’s heavy, and if you have oily skin you might break out. Water based, or “cake” makeup works a lot like water color paint. It’s fairly translucent, isn’t heavy on the skin, and with some practice doesn’t streak very much, and doesn’t rub off too easily, the downside is it can dry out your skin, and it definitely takes some practice applying because it’s activator, water, is also what takes it off (so if you start sweating heavily your luck may run out). Alcohol based makeup is completely water/sweat proof, doesn’t rub off easily, and can be used as a base underneath any other type of makeup, the downside is it’s expensive, like cake makeup it’s activator (an alcohol solution) is also the ONLY thing that takes it off, and unless you’re using it in liquid form with an airbrush you can’t really get large areas of even coverage with a sponge like you would the other mentioned makeup types. Something else to consider when choosing one or more of these is your skin type, and what you think will irritate your face the least.

Next: Defining the character. (Again, solely my opinion and methodology) One must recognize the amazing value in typical womens beauty makeup (for starters, powders of any and every kind can be used on top of any other kind of makeup, period), as well as beauty makeup techniques, such as contouring your face, highlights, shadows, ets. I recommend people look up video tutorials online for things like runway model makeup (just an example), you can learn a whole hell of a lot believe it or not. With makeup like I’m discussing, it’s about creating a character, and really bringing them to life. Yes, in a comic book, or some animated film, series, game, what have you, the character is (let’s say) just solid blue, but does that necessarily mean you should just makeup your face solid blue? No! Because in photographs and in person you will look dead and flat, boring and lifeless. Look at your skin, is it all REALLY just one even color? No. And if it were you would FREAK PEOPLE OUT. There needs to be an amplified level of life breathed into the character you’re creating to make this fake unloving entity actually seem to exist. Think about dimention, think about depth, think about where the shadows would fall of your characters face, where light would hit, etc, and think of your face as a canvas. If your face is a canvas, then what does that make makeup? Paint. That’s right. It’s color, nothing more. One of the biggest “secrets” I think I can give is to not feel obligated to use a certain product that’s maybe meant for one particular thing for ONLY that thing. Eyeshadows, blushes, foundations, sealers, powders, eyeliners, lipsticks, whatever it is, is just COLOR. Use it however you find it works best to help you create this character and make them REAL. Don’t trap yourself into any box.

Lastly, practice. Practice and experiment, try new things, new ideas, whatever they may be no matter how silly they may seem. Once you’ve practiced, and you’re feeling confident, prepare, and plan, and if you have a day to kill, practice a little more.

So that’s it. Those are my thoughts on it all. Again, this is only MY OPINION, I am not stating ANY OF THIS AS FACT, and there’s a good chance I may be “way off base” with some of what I said, if so I apologize. On a lighter note, I hope some of you were able to make it through this long ass post. Take care.