Fuck Yeah, Harley's Joker!

A FAN appreciation blog started by Sandra (and currently run by Syn & Ellis), dedicated to Anthony Misiano, the infamous

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The King and Queen of Harley Quinn and Joker cosplay - Anthony Misiano and Alyssa King.

See more of Anthony on youtube.com/user/ReelButter and youtube.com/user/TheBatmanChronicles1


"If DC casts Anthony Misiano as the Joker in an official DC movie, the world will be complete."

Anonymous: Do you think Anthony and Alyssa look at this blog and giggle to themselves that they have a fandom? :3

Well….they know this blog exists, so it could be possible.

Who knows?



Just saying, they are my most favorite cosplayers of The Joker and Harley Quinn :)

Joker cosplay by Harley’s Joker

Harley Quinn cosplay by Ryoko-Demon

On my way to steal your girl


I’ll probably never get over how much Anthony Misiano actually looks like The Joker.


Joker Cosplay by Harley’s Joker

Check Out Anthony Misiano’s, also known as Harley’s Joker, Interview! It Is Now Officially Posted HERE! So Give It A Look If You’re A Fan! 

Deadpool vs. Wondercon 2013 (x)